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Design is a journey

My background as a business analyst in information technology is a little unusual
for the typical UX designer.

Several years ago when creating process documentation for technical support agents, I realized that I had a knack for clearly defining the process an agent would take to resolve customer and employee technical issues. I was known for creating "beautiful flows."

Any time someone need a library, form, or pretty much anything documented they secretly came to me because they knew I could use what I only now realize were very limited tools at my disposal to make their content clean and polished.

Eventually I took a role dreaming up proof of concept applications that would drive an innovative customer experience in tax offices. Knowing fully well that possibly none of these applications would make it to production, I readily greeted the challenge.

During this time I had the opportunity to work with experienced UX/UI designers who unknowingly mentored me while taking one of our first applications from just an idea to production. I learned how to navigate the tools to test the usability of our apps, and learned how user research was conducted. Miraculously I was given access to edit.

This opened up a whole new world for me so I started taking User Experience and User Interface Design courses to formalize my newfound craft. I was given the opportunity to directly work on the designs and interactions of the subsequent applications and loved every minute of it.

I knew for certain what my career path would be.

In 2021 I was given an amazing opportunity to work for an insurance services company to develop a new design system and design the experience and UI for agents using the customer relationship management tools for various lines of business. I even got to design a proof-of-concept website for a newly acquired prescription mail service company.

It was fast-paced and relentless. So basically right up my alley.

At the very beginning of 2022 I was recognized for naturally taking the lead on the design projects and mentoring another designer on my team. For this recognition I was awarded the role of UI/UX Supervisor as a Principal Designer.

Now I am continuing to refine our design system and develop new product applications.

UI/UX design was a natural choice for me. I will never look back.


Golden Crystals
May 9th, 2022

A little about me, the actual human

Ornamental horticulturist 

Avid reader 

Terrestrial explorer 

Cat mom

Museum enthusiast

Podcast addict

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